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Nerd Pervert 6 Storyline

The Nerd is always searching for his next victim to con the arse off them, and as luck would have it he bumps into Roxi Monique who’s friends are running late so she gets invited back for a coffee at the Nerd’s shag pad, only to get a mouthful of cock and some sticky white stuff. Pornstar Loz Lorrimar is back for more fucking and this time she takes it up the arse. Sindy Strutt is looking for her cousins dog, so the nerd helps out and Sindy recongizes him and comes back to tast ehis nerd cock. Paul is shooting Layla Lixx and Lucy Lane his sexy neighbour turns up and they hav ea full on 3 way tufk. Not a bad day for the world’s number one pervert.

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